Adding to the MC Brood!

January 4, 2011 at 8:04 am (Uncategorized)

MC strikes again!

(I seriously tried thinking of a dozen different first lines that didn’t sound too phallic, and nothing panned out. Though, I have to admit, they were damn funny)

Come August (on or around the 24th), we’ll be expanding our family by two feet! In the meantime, I’ll just be expanding my waistline.

About a year ago, as I was tagging all of my kids baby clothes, and stacking up the memories in an arm-chair, I looked over at MC and asked “are we really done?”. He agreed that he didn’t think we were, so I set to un-tagging and re-boxing all of the clothes. We agreed that we’d be done having kids by the time MC was 40 (which isn’t immediate, but imminent), and starting in July, we were “giving it a year”. Well, God had His own plan, as He is apt to do. On December 30, I found out we were expecting, and that we were due the day before our other daughter’s second birthday. We.Are.Crazy.

So, for now, I’m just managing through the constant nausea (like a hangover without the fun the night before) and running after two active children. Luckily, I’m married to a rockstar, who, even after his own very long day at work, comes home and finds the energy to take the reigns while I curl up in a ball from 6:30pm on.

And in case you were worried, I won’t be morphing this blog into a Pregnancy Blog. I’ve got a family blog for all those details. So, don’t run away 😉



  1. Mrs. Fuzz said,

    Congratulations! I hope you get feeling better soon! I am
    excited that you are blogging! LOVE MC’s blog and so far I am
    LOVING yours.

    • motorcopswife said,

      Coming from a seasoned vet, such as yourself, that’s a very nice compliment!

  2. Lesley said,


  3. Jenn Jilks said,

    Three kids = good number! Congratulations!

  4. TBChick said,

    Congratulations!!!! Kind of thought there might be an addition to the MC family but I didn’t think it would be this soon. Maybe the “constant nausea” means a boy this time!!

    • motorcopswife said,

      I don’t know… I seem to remember feeling very similar to this with our last baby and she turned out all girl!

  5. Handcuffed Heart said,

    LOVE! We are in the three camp too but we haven’t quite agreed yet on whether or not we are done. But all those baby clothes…. sigh……! My #1 and #2 were born exactly one day short of two years apart. I think if #2 and #3 had been exactly two years apart as well I would have died. lol. Thankfully I got an extra eight months. 🙂

    I’m with Mrs. Fuzz. Love MC’s blog and loving yours, too!!

    • motorcopswife said,

      #1 and #2 are just shy of 3 years apart and I loved the span! Our Big was so independent, which helped with the new baby adjustment. God is definitely testing us and our abilities with this one!

      • Handcuffed Heart said,

        It will be great!!! 😀

  6. Shay said,

    Congratulations! I love MC’s blog and I’m enjoying yours so far, so I’m glad to hear of more happiness coming your way . ^_^

    Happy New Year!

  7. Ann T. Hathaway said,

    Oh, MCW, Congratulations!

    What I know about pregnancy would leave space on a postage stamp. However, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Best to you, MC, and the sibs-in-waiting!
    Ann T.

  8. Aerinah said,

    Congrats to you and MC – this is great news!

  9. Jay said,

    Congratulations on the great news.
    I’m almost 12 years older than my younger brother and Mum use to jokingly say that “When he came in the front door organisation went out the back”. Mind you it wasn’t long before Mum once more had things well in hand.
    Again all the very best. A terrific way to start the New Year.

  10. rsj said,

    Congrats to you both from this lurker!

  11. RebeccaJ said,

    Congrats to you and the family!

  12. Sister Copinherhair said,


  13. Handcuffed Heart said,

    Been thinking about you… Wondering how you are feeling and getting along in life. Now I know why you were on my mind ~ saw MC’s update about illness at your house. Boo hooo! 😦 Sending good thoughts your way!!

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