Which Camp Are You In?

December 22, 2010 at 8:00 am (MC)

In my *vast* experience of being associated with LEOs (8 years and counting…), I have found there are two camps.

Camp A (A for Awesome): People who find honor in the badge, and integrity in those that wear it.

Camp B (B for Butthead): People who assume ALL who wear the badge are corrupt.

Camp A Folks: I was raised in a liberal household. My parents were shocked (read: appalled?) when I told them MC took me to the range and worse, that I was a great shot, and worse still, that I *liked* it. I was taught by MC the safety aspects of having a firearm in the house, and I knew it was important, should we take our relationship further, that I know how a firearm worked. I had never held a gun, nor seen one out of a duty belt (which already tells you a little about me).

I had a respect for the power of the weapon. As MC would tell me, I had a healthy fear of the possibilities. Even before I met and started dating MC, I had that same level of respect and healthy fear of the police. If someone with a badge told me to sit down, I’d do it. If someone with a badge told me to shut up, I’d do it. If someone with a badge asked me what I’d been smoking, I’d pee my pants. If someone told me I’d marry a badge, I’d laugh.

Camp B Folks: From just one single spouse of a LEO, I apologize that you have been so severely scarred by society and the “bad seeds” out there that you think all LEOs are corrupt. I am sorry that you go through life with such disdain for people who, speaking for the large majority of them, would take a bullet to save any one of your lives. I am sorry that the one bad seed that you encountered, or your dad encountered, or your best friend’s uncle’s roommate’s sister encountered so skewed your view of someone that goes to talk to Girl Scout Troops about respecting authority or that would stand up to the crazy gunman just because it’s in his job description.

Though I say all of this to you as the wife of MC, who has never, in his career, done anything to dishonor the badge or the oath he took when his Mom pinned it on his chest. Just knowing there is at least ONE “good cop” out there should gives this “glass half full empty” kind of person some hope. But that’s coming from this “glass half full” kind of person.



  1. Handcuffed Heart said,

    No kidding! You are speaking my language. 😉

    Did you perhaps mean “glass half empty” instead of half “full” ?? Maybe I misunderstood, but the ones with the empty glass are the ones usually needing the hope, no?

  2. Meadowlark said,

    I try to keep my glass “half full” of wine. It helps. 🙂

    15 year LEO wife, 10 year milwife, 25+ wife total. We haven’t killed each other yet. At times, it’s been contemplated 😉


  3. Warrior Knitter said,

    Solidly-in-Camp A person reporting in. Mr WK and I shoot competively (IDPA) with a lot of LEOs and they’re a great bunch of guys! I enjoy MC’s blog and look forward to reading yours.

    And, always good to see another female gunnie!!

  4. Ann T. Hathaway said,

    Dear MC Wife,
    Love this. Just so you know, I support LEOs and I love to read the domestic side. I’ll be back.

    You left out a group. The armchair proceduralists/peanut gallery! Don’t forget–they call when they need MC and then do a theatre review afterward. I guess it keeps them sane, but it’s not charming.

    Ann T. Hathaway, or just plain ol’ Ann T.

  5. RebeccaJ said,

    From a young age my parents taught me to respect the police, but to the point where I feel like wetting my pants when I see those lights flashing behind me. Thankfully, my few encounters went well and through the years, I’ve still maintained my respect for them.

    I always feel badly for small children though, when I see their parent’s homes getting raided on COPS and other SWAT shows. Those poor kids look terrified and I often wonder what their view of the police will be, thanks to crappy parenting.

  6. Shay said,

    Most people think of cops negatively because they only experience they have with them are when they get pulled over, or get talked to for doing something else stupid. They see a copy on the side of the road, and either get paranoid or think bad thoughts because they got pulled over in the past. They don’t ever stop and think that the reason the roads are safer is BECAUSE of the cops on the side of the road ticketing people or just keeping the idiots from being so idiotic just by being there.

    I’ve worked volunteer security at some large conventions before and I got the same response…. no one was happy to see me because they got yelled at by someone else in a tactical vest for breaking the rules. It doesn’t matter that I just returned a missing child to his mom, or stopped a shoplifter from running off with someone’s merchandise. It doesn’t matter that I got on the horn and got our EMTs out to you asap when you started having problems breathing. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been on my feet for 18 hours straight to keep you safe, because all you see is a faceless person wearing a security vest.

    I don’t have any family members who are cops. I don’t have any friends who are cops. And I know my experience isn’t that same. But it made me look at the people and the cops stopped being faceless. Yeah, I still freak a little if a cop is behind me (Am I doing anything wrong? Oh wait… he’s passing…. I’m fine…) but the respect that I already had for them is heightened.

    It’s Christmas morning. In another few hours, I’ll be stopping by the local PD to drop off some Bux giftcards. I did the same on Thanksgiving. I’ll do the same on New Years. It’s a little way for me to say Thanks for going into a professional where people usually prefer to curse them for doing their jobs.

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